DIY Woven Wall Hanging: Downloadable PDF Instructions

This downloadable tutorial is all about teaching how to make your own beautiful Woven Wall Hanging. We do all the research and testing, create the instructions, and point you in the right direction for where to buy supplies, so you can sit back and enjoy the fun part! Not only will you create something gorgeous and unique for your home, but you will really enjoy the Clever Poppy experience.

Woven Wall Hangings are a stunning piece for your home. They can be styled in all sorts of different ways, and suit all types of rooms depending on the colour scheme and style you choose. Check out our instagram and facebook for lots of inspiration!

This tutorial focuses on the weaving side of things, including the different techniques you combine to create a woven wall hanging. I'll briefly show you how to make a DIY loom out of an A4 photo frame, screws and a piece of wooden dowel - or you can buy a loom at most craft shops. You can also buy looms, beautiful yarn or Kits with both, online at Heart From Hazel here.

    Difficulty rating: 5/10 for adults. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how achievable this project is, and once you get the hang of it you'll be able to whip up a wall hanging in a couple of sittings.

    Time it takes to complete this project: For your first weave (excluding making the loom), I'd say 4 - 8 hours, depending on how complex you go and how thick the threads are (I allow a few nights in front of the TV, its quite therapeutic). The next weave you make will be much quicker.

    Download Process: Once you have completed your purchase, a link to DIY instructions will be sent to you, so you can download them right away.

    I am sure you will love creating this project - in fact I'm so positive that if you aren't totally stoked with your project I'll give you a full refund on your purchase.

    Clever Poppy x

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