This project is all about teaching you how to make your own stunning wall hanging, on a large scale and without the hassle of setting up a loom. You are going to LOVE it!

Woven Wall Hangings are so in style right now, especially if you are channelling the scandi-boho look. They can be styled in all sorts of different ways, and tailored to suit your chosen colour scheme. They look especially great in living areas and bedrooms. Check out our instagram and facebook for lots of inspiration!

Why Make Your Own?

Woven Wall Hangings are a gorgeous statement piece for your home, but are often a higher price-point to buy due to the hours of work and love that go into each individual weave. Especially for giant weaves like this project. So why not let me teach you how to make your own, then you just need to buy the raw materials? That way not only do you create a stunning unique wall hanging that can be treasured for the years to come, I promise you'll enjoy the making side of it too. It can be really relaxing and is a great way to have some screen-free time. 

Why use my instructions?

I do all the research and testing, create the instructions, and point you in the right direction for where to buy supplies, so you can sit back and enjoy the fun part! Not only will you create something gorgeous and unique for your home, but you will really enjoy the Clever Poppy experience.

You can rest assured that I've sold hundreds of my other DIY Woven Wall Hanging project (this one here that uses a loom) and had nothing but fantastic positive feedback. And I now have a lot of customers who are addicted to weaving :)

    Difficulty rating: 4/10 for adults. You'll be pleasantly surprised by how achievable this project is, and once you get the hang of it you'll be able to whip up a wall hanging in a few sittings. A lot of the method is repetition and can be done in front of the TV or while you are concentrating on something else too.

    Where do I buy the supplies? Once you download the instructions, you'll be able to read my recommendations on where to buy the supplies. I offer online or in store options from both New Zealand and stores which ship worldwide.

    How much will my supplies cost? To make the weave pictured it cost me about $100 to buy the supplies. You can most certainly shop around and find bargain wool and use less of the soft fibrous wool and that will reduce the cost. Also the smaller the weave the cheaper the cost to buy supplies.

    Time it takes to complete this project: For your first weave, if you make it a similar size to the one pictured, I'd say 10 - 12 hours, depending on how complex you go and how thick the threads are (I always allow a few nights in front of the TV, its quite therapeutic). The next weave you make will be quicker, and you can easily make a smaller weave with these instructions which will take less time too.

    Download Process: Once you have completed your purchase, a link to DIY instructions will be sent to you, so you can download them right away.

    I am sure you will love creating this project - in fact I'm so positive that if you aren't totally stoked with your project I'll give you a full refund on your purchase.

    Clever Poppy x

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