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Free DIY Tutorial - Monochrome Cork Mats

There is something really likeable about cork.

It's got that nice natural look to it, and it's a really great material for working with on DIY projects. I also love how it has a bit of retro feel to it – how many of us can remember the cork place mats being brought out at pot luck dinners growing up?  

This DIY project is a winner because it is super easy and quick. Before you know it you’ll have turned these plain cork mats into cool, on-trend monochrome pieces which you will love to use in your home!

Ok so here is what you need for this project:
  1. Cork mats (I got mine from KMart for about $5 a pair)
  2. Paint (best to use enamel based paint so it can withstand some heat)
  3. Brushes
  4. Masking tape

Step one: Masking UP

Use your tape to create a design on the coasters. You can make a quick random pattern with lines that cross over, or measure out and make a structured pattern (think triangles, crosses, stripes etc). All depends on how much time you want to spend, the look you are after (and how OCD you are haha!).

For mine, I did stripes and triangles because I felt like something a bit uniform and 'designed' looking.

Once you've created the design, mask up around the sides so that you get a nice tidy finish. And spend a minute to press your tape in nice and firmly on the cork (to help prevent the paint sneaking under).

Step two: Painting

Do one coat of paint, then once its dry do another (two coats gives you a nicer finish). I did the first coat painting horizontally and then the second painting vertically which gave it an even finish. 

Step three: The big reveal

Once the paint has dried (be patient!) then you can peel off all the tape. Do it slowly so you don't by mistake whip off any of the paint. And then you are done! Isn't it cool seeing what you've so easily created? 


Julie Stuart
Julie Stuart


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